Home - 2003


Photographer: Josh Eckels

My Christmas tree


My Christmas tree

My Christmas tree

My Christmas tree

Dan playing with the salmon

Artsy salad

Dan head-butts his salad

Lisa freezing to death in my dining room

Lisa's tasty strawberry banana chocolate tart

Linoleum samples, cat medicine, junk mail from 1930

Spike at my housewarming party

Spike enjoying a bit of scotch at my housewarming party

Jess, all ready for Monkey Madness

Some mood-setters for Monkey Madness

Beth and her monkey shirt

Dan and a massive oyster

Mom at Tiger Mountain

Mom and me at Tiger Mountain

Lake at Tiger Mountain

Wine rack, assembled but unstained

Wine rack, in its finished splendor

Wine rack

Decanter and candles

Smoking candles

My glorious table

My glorious table


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