Home - 2003 - ISNetworks dinner

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Dan starts off the meal

Crab friend #1

Mr. Crab scuttling along

Mr. Crab taking a nice relaxing bath

Dan, Pinchy, and a buttered knife

Pinchy hardly feels a thing

Crab meat removal

More crab extraction

Truffled potatoes

Crostini, pre-salmon

The crab and his nice warm bed

Alaskan Spot Prawn peeling

Still more crab work

Big chunks of crab meat

Opening the belly of the beast

Pinchy's revenge

Seafood cocktail serving apparatus

Miso, unfazed by the cooking

Beets, including the gateway beet - golden beets

Pre-dinner sleepies

Rock star Dave

Beth and sleepy Joe

Seafood cocktail, assembly step 1

Dan scheming

Seafood cocktail, mostly assembled

Lime basil sorbet

Course 1 is served

Dan pops the bubbly

Dan assembling the crostini

Salmon crostini

Venison, ready for the grill

Salad assembly

Assembled salad

Lime-basil sorbet

Venison, fresh off the grill

Dan savors some Easy Cheese

Jess making his move for the Easy Cheese

Flavor country

10 cheeses: 1 spray, 9 otherwise

Dessert part 2

Mara ranting about the foot cheese

Laughing about the foot cheese most likely

Post-dinner slouching

More slouching

Joe sneaks off for some reading

Joe and his water


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