Home - 2003 - Halloween party

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Chloe the atom and John the mad scientist

Working on Trogdor

Me the army guy

More carving

John, the man who blows things up, and Rob, the man with the equipment to blow things up

Lots of carving

Carol the butterfly, Lisa the tiger, and Chloe

Rob explains the equipment

Bec and Britt on their white and incredibly orange pumpkins

Lisa and Chloe swig some pumpkin beer

The gut bucket continues to fill

Pumpkin guts going everywhere

Lisa drilling her poor little pumpkin. Outside, luckily

Dan the grapes and the science contingency

Tim tracing out his mummy

Mad scientist John

Dan juggling some wine

My bloody foot

My pumpkin

Rob's pumpkin

Carol's beach pumpkin

Lisa's disco pumpkin

Bec's pumpkin

John's radioactive pumpkin

Britt's pumpkin

Dan and Jess' Trogdor pumpkin

Pumpkin group 1

Pumpkin group 2

Pumpkin group 3

John cleaning up the wax explosion


My pumpkin again

Candles burninating

Candles burninating

Candles burninating

One more Trogdor


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