Home - 2003 - Midwest trip for Don and Kim's wedding

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Don working it well

Don surveys the floor situation

Sam ready to track the bat

Mom ready for the bat

Pete enjoys his new silverware

Pete looking huge

Dad opening his birthday presents

Mom watching the present-opening carnage

Sam and his glassware

Sam and his silverware

One cage, two raccoons


Sam and mom on the trail

Green field

Don and John on the golf course

Some incredible golf carts

Careful club selection is the key

The right club pays off

Time for a practice swing

Crush it!

Don crushes it

The cart says we're well under twenty minutes behind pace

Don gets some styling tips

Don gets some styling tips

Don gets some styling tips

Dapper Don

Kim looking like a bride

Don and the bridesmaids


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