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Photographer: Various

Dinner time

Tom Douglas doesn't skimp on the portions

Heidi and Arizona friends

More Arizona connections


Our official signage

Victory is mine

I'm pretty much ready to eat

Ready to go inside

The photographer approacheth

Dan hasn't gone this long without wine in a long time

Summoning Don

Squinty Isaac

Isaac gives Laura mouth-to-ear

Chloe and John, our A-V club

Take down

Assorted drinks


The feast

Emily kicking back

Laura, soon to be married as well

Dad's speech

Gary, presumably pontificating on French wine

Doyle's speech

The bar at night

Long distance-traveler #1

Long distance-traveler #2

Anne looking pumped

Lucas takes a swing

Kissy kissy

Kissy kissy

Pretty in purple

Curtis and Amy

Strutting around

Glowing wine

Active tie

Can't stop dancing

Krtisti and Jon

Adam and Angela

Mandy and Ricardo

Lara and Sara

Jeff and Amy

Mandy with Seattle folks

Mandy with Arizona folks

Jeff and Emily

Keep the camera rolling

Happy feet

Kiki on the dance floor


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