Home - 2006 - Wedding weekend - Reception


Photographer: Steve Smith

Tastefully decorated car

Heading to the reception

Palace Ballroom window

Table layout

Windowsill candles

The last bit of cocktail hour

Cakes, pre-destruction

Chow time

Preparing for the toasts

The trouble-making table

Toasting for two

Best man speech

Matron of honor speech

Mandy lectures

Heidi's toast

Amy's toast

I say hello

Old married folks, skeptical

Old married folks, not so skeptical

Dad's toast

Pac-Man style wedding cake

Flirting with the camera

Trained assassins

Sara and Lara

Kiki and Ricardo

Brotherly grope

Peanut gallery

Mother-son dance

A sly grin to the photgrapher

Unofficial father-daughter dancing

Heidi and Brian, our dance mentors

End of the mother-son dance

Parental boogey

More dancers

Serious dancing

Not-so-serious dancing

Keeping the dance floor alive

The early dancers

Something fun on the ceiling?

Look out for James

NU table

Beware the claw

Mom and Sam

Look out

Jess displays his wrist

Marna hides Tom

Beware of YMCA

"Thank goodness YMCA is over"

Britt wisely keeps his arms below his shoulders

Group hug

Curtis and Amy

Lucas and Anne

Kim and Don

Drinking buddies at the bar

Rocking out



Copyright 2006, Steve Smith