Home - 2013 - Mom and Dad's February visit

Photographer: Josh Eckels

USS Midway, looming large

Strolling down the Embarcadero

The Midway behind the fishing boats

Empty traps

Bell tower at the Mission


Cross from the old bricks

In the gardens

Rusting window bars

The chapel

In the courtyard

The church itself

Bulging trunk

Checking out the Mission's main facade

Entrance to the garden

The only original part of the building left

Hoping for a bait deal

Out for a paddle

Mr Sea Lion

Ms Sea Lion

Heading out to sea

On the lookout

Gray whales sighted!

Poking its head out

Splashing around

Playing with the dolphins

Gray whale tail

Waving with a fin to the roller coaster

Barrel rolls

Head shot

More dolphin fun

Two juvenile gray whales spouting

Pelican looking for lunch

Synchronized spouting

Heading south

Rafts stacked up top

Between whale sightings

Check out that hooked fin

Sea lion

Sunset colors come early

Very close


Checking out the dolphins

Checking out the dolphins

Lobster trap buoy

Birds gathering

Sea lion make out session


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