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Photographer: Various

Stacy and me

Stacy and me

Out in the pool

Out in the pool

Another round


Down the hatch

Varied reactions

Jess tries out the door as I slave away

Me tearing up the floor

Me tearing out floorboards in the entryway

Me tearing out floorboards in the entryway

Me putting down plywood in entryway

Tearing out the kitchen floor

Prying up the threshold

Blisters from staple removal

Me gentling removing a cabinet door

Cabinet door, gently removed

Tearing off the counter

Removing the counter

Less and less cabinet left

Wooden spoon discovered in the archelogical dig

Me being a homeowner

Me being a homeowner

Me being a homeowner

Me being a homeowner without chairs


Two-weeks' growth

All cleaned up

Out by the waterhole

Now with zebras

Departing shot

All over the place

Out for a stroll

The research crew

The sassy pose

Stacking rocks around the pump

Group shot

In the slot

Time for a quick project

James, me, Randy, and Doyle at Doyle's house

Barlo, Nicole, me, Doyle, Randy, Liz, Charlie and James at Doyle's house

Fun time in the attic

Me holding a koala

Hats on, ready to party



Cake, round 2

Strategically sliced cake

A big smile from the bachelor

John helps me accessorize

First dinner

Sunset time

Turnaround point

Checking my reach

On the Eleuthera tour

Toe dipping

Sunny view

Mallory Park sunset

Shocked by the Instagramming

At the wedding reception

Drilling a hole for the new heater location

More drilling excitement

Dismantling the cabinet with the utmost care

Working the sink

A little finesse...

At the Napa Valley Reserve

At the blue door

On the ferry

New Jersey survivors reunion

Up at the top on a warm humid day

In front of the Jaguar Temple

Obligatory selfie

Up close with a sea cucumber/slug

Trying not to lose a finger

Successful handoff

Taking a break

Enjoying the stinky cool breeze

In the comfy pod

Lake overlook

Hiking back

View of Baldwin Lake

Up at the top

Sunday hiking crew

Victory poses

PCT emblem

Pausing at the road intersection

One more by the road crossing

Lined up

What would the author say about this photo?

A new CD



Foxy reindeer

Solemn presentation

Asparagus steamer, properly oriented

A massive cookbook

In the glow of the tree

Present time


Not quite done

Defeated by the candles

Second-to-last sip

Emory helps unwrap

Japanese beer

And truffle oil

Emory inspects the scandalous gift

Gift card, already filed away by Emory

That's a lot of candles

Sipping in style

My turn

Handyman Josh

All pretty at the first stop

Something's odd about this one

Yup, not great

Outside at Cougar

Sandal attack

The gentlemen

The gentlemen




Getting crazy

Me and Stacy

The full crew

The full crew

The guys

The guys

Wolverine delicately sipping

Me and Stacy

The whole crew

Slightly goofier


Hanging out by mom and dad

Me just before bowling

All eight of us

Fresh from working on the deck

Playa Barbie #2


Getting pretty

All made up

Thinking "this is crazy"

Hanging tough

Guys jump

Winding up for another

Me in front of Liberty Cap

Cooling off the feet

Inside the gate


Me, Buddha, and Jess

Relishing the momentary shade

It's nice and creamy

Not bad

In the t˙k t˙k on a rainy day

In front of Ta Prohm

Deep inside Ta Prohm

Intricate roots

In front of one of the big ones

By the reflecting pool

Precariously balanced

At the other end of the canyon

James, myself, and Doyle playing caps

A campfire, when backpacking, in California!

Overlooking the campsite

We're on a boat too

Easy does it

Slightly awkward

Smooth sailing

The last time you'll see these pants clean

Filthy already

Making a speedy getaway

Time for a short nap

Attemping an exit

The end's in sight now

I may survive after all

Just a little further...

Jess tries, unsuccessfully, to contain his laughter

Brushing off the top two inches of filth

All done, ready to go again

Putting in the new plate

The final touch

Double sparklers

My turn

Down the line

Down the line

Up on the little hill

In the parking lot, with the reconstruction materials

In front of the hazy valley

All alone up on the wall

All alone up on the wall

Our high point of the hike

Death to selfie-sticks

Up on the wall

Just outside the Tower of the Immortal Fox

Heads or tails, we'll never know

Inside the gardens

Rainiest day of the trip

It's hardly raining at all anymore

Nice place to sit for a moment

Up in the VIP section

Late afternoon sun

Attempting to play it cool

All the young people

Two tiers

The whole crowd

Everyone expect poor Max

Retrieving my non-compliant hat


In front of the tree

One more

Trying out the new bag

Pistachio treats

The assembled crowd

Lots of Eckels

Me devising a master dominoes strategy

The whole gang

Trying to disassemble the rail

Not making much progress

Still no luck

Done with the presents, on to the stockings

Team effort

Group shot #1

Group shot #2

The whole crew

Everyone, including those now partially hidden

In the new board shorts

Legacy and chump

Back in our seats

We survived!

Porgy, big enough to keep

Bigger than the last one

Snapper (I think)

Wearing my new shirt

Lounging on the newly restored seawall

Adding the photographer to the mix

Down at the water


Return to pickleball

A blistering return

Final game

New Year's Day

Alternate angle

Pre-dinner photo

The obligatory silly shot

In front of the orchid tree

Enjoying the spray and wind on the Point

The whole gang

The whole gang, one with a fun hat

Welcome to the big city

Modeling the new bowl holder

The full crew

Who's that?

Lounging up top

Managing the lines

Fish on the line

Early in the fight

The long saga continues

Some early jumping

Deceivingly close to the boat

Bringing it in at last, two and a half hours later

Done at last

Blisters from the battle


Victory pose


Enjoying the rejuvenated hot tub

Giving some direction

All five of us

The whole gang

Delicate work

Tree topper

Pleased with the progress

Damian and me at Sea World

Damian and me at Sea World

Running on the beach

Leash-biting at the turnaround point

Back and forth

Done with the running

It seems that I kicked up a little sand

Trying out some decorative headwear

My big foot, Lisa's tiny foot

Dogs in tow

Our turn at the sign

We made it

So friendly

Under the torrent

That's enough

Starfish cuddle time

Another single-day orchid

Getting close to the torrent

In the spray

Beer for me

Out on Lake Arenal

Josh Eckels, #1 Jar Jar fan

The back of my stylish pajamas


At the peak

Fire pit after dinner

Winding up

Century plant stalk away!

Ready to start our official duties

Intense concentration on something or other

Me in my swanky new apron

Fashionable headwear completes the look

Setting up the masterpiece

Fuzzy me

Mike and me

Adding some flair

All dolled up

Deflating the green orb


Something's offended Britt's delicate sensibilities

Trying to resuscitate the patient

Me and my horde of admirers

Me in front of the Capitol in DC

Ruth's turn at photographer

Dinner is served

The whole gang

Putting in the posts

Putting in the posts

Trying to figure out the benches

Trying to figure out the benches

Finishing up the back of the bench

Starting on the cabinet area

Lots of veggie oil

Fill 'er up

Cooking up some fried goodness

Starting at the fence

A brief spurt from Tesla

And she's done

At Don and Courtney's wedding

Me on the trail

My wet, muddy foot

Pete, John, Me, Chloe and Rob eating lunch, photo taken by John

Me taking some pictures, taken by John

Rob, Chloe, Pete, and me on the bridge, taken by John


Jess and me at the driving school

Seven out of eight looking at the camera isn't too bad

Bob and me

Up by the head

On the Eagle's shoulder

After lunch

Me on the top of Little Annapurna

Me at James' "high school"

Set a course for flavor country

Blowing smoke blobs

Taking it all in


The whole gang in Lincoln Park

The gang (minus the sleeping Ruth)

Chance encounter with Paul and Jeni

The whole lineup

Ever so slightly goofier

Time to break out the hats

Space hat

Hat hair

Done driving for the moment

Dining in Julian

In the driver's seat

Tesla, Stacy, and me

Awkward drilling

Testing the alignment

Ready for final assembly

All of us dressed in our finery

Strolling around Englischer Garten (English Garden)

Mousaka for me

Near the entrance of Schloss Hohenschwangau

It IS fun

Ominous clouds, better move quickly

In Burggarten

At the viewpoint

On the castle's grounds

Getting fresh

At the inner wall

Stacy and me

Chloe and me

It's bright

Group shot

Me being a speed demon

Attacking my legs

Barlo and me at the lakefill shortly before graduation

Barlo and me at the lakefill shortly before graduation

A flattering picture of me putting on my gown

Barlo, me, and Kelly after the big ceremony

Barlo, me, and Kelly after the big ceremony

Jackson arch

The whole hiking crew

Exiting at the trailhead

With Stacy and me

Me, before I got my hat

Me after finally finding my hat

Me and the peak

Stand back and let the pro do his work

Making it all look great

The group!

The group!

The group!

Me the army guy

More carving

My bloody foot

Uh oh, there's going to be dancing?

One for good measure

The whole crew

Group shot #1

Group shot #2

Group shot #3

Group shot #5

Group shot #6

Yup, it's green

Charging out

That stings

Emerging from the sea

An awkward fish

Inspecting the cave

Jump jump jump

At the Sol Duc trailhead

All of us at Bogachile Peak

We got all dressed up and still didn't get upgraded

Setting up at Spouting Horn

The first crossing

At Secret Falls

My turn to venture out

The secret of Secret Falls is out

Approaching the falls

About to get dumped on...

The water's somewhat crushing after falling all that way

The second half of the paddling team

Me on the trail down into the canyon

Futzing with the camera, as usual

Snack time

Up in the clouds

Pausing for a quick snack

Fog comes rolling in over the cliffs

A beast emerges from the sea

Back to the water

Getting my toes sandy

Lounging on the beach

Me taking photos

Checking out the results

Nice hair

An awkward camera angle for the photographer

Chasing the sand crab around

Catching all the exciting bird action

At Kilauea Point

Splashing around

Out for a snorkel

Sea monster

Floating in the shallow water

Finished with snorkeling

Finished with snorkeling

Wading across

Almost to the other side

Hanging out in front of some sea caves

Picking some limes

A little entertainment

Yet another chance to use the tripod

Heading out to sea

Heading to the reef

A little choppy on the ride home

Rotors spinning up

Wind blown

Rainbow spotted!

A few more minutes of daylight

Down at the lagoon

Spelunker Josh

Just past the saddle

Looking out

Prepping for the hike down

At the trailhead

Happy employee

Me on the Iron Horse trail

Dessert part 2

Laughing about the foot cheese most likely

Post-dinner slouching

One more in to the breach

Pummelling the pomegranate

I'll be your waiter for today

We managed to upgrade at checkin time

Down by the fountain

Monorail contraption

Final part of the trail

Cruising along the coast

In front of Trevi Fountain

In front of Trevi Fountain

Out in the hills

Time to head back

Sipping in the sun

Ready to wander through town

On the grounds of Rocca di Tentennano

On top of Rocca di Tentennano

A good project car

At the top of the town

Happy hour

Prosecco on our terrace

In the sunset

Florence sunset

Heading back to the hotel

On the boat

Sitting in the square for a moment


On the Accademia bridge, with Salute in the background

My buddy

Our final happy hour in Italy

Ready for our dinner

Big me

Me and the married man

Me practicing good posture

Me and Jeff grilling at the Jeppeson house

Waiting for dinner time

Done eating

Bob recreates the attack

Draining the pitcher

Closing down the night

Those who stuck around for afternoon hiking

Prepped to chomp

Everybody lined up

Doyle and me in our kayaks

Doyle and me with our kayaks

Me and Doyle in northern WI

Me in front of Mt Rainier

Me waiting out the rain

Me and a lens flare

All alone in the stagecoach

A very uncomfortable teeter-totter

Waiting for the swing post to start lifting out of the ground

Check out my fancy sandal soles

Surveying the destruction

Framing in the widened doorway

Tap tap tap

The old wood is hard as rock

Two levels done

Working the tricky diagonal part

Steady as she goes

The last tile for this section

Peeling off the existing wall to get to the header

Peeling off the existing wall to get to the header

Please come down

A little lovin' for the wall

Removing the ceiling fan

Tummy closeup while removing the ceiling fan

Ready for some more attic fun

Seem to have gotten dirty in the attic

Futzing with the light

Coaxing the old wall fixture down

Finessing the cabinet edge

Farewell to the old sink

Just a few more screws...

Easy does it, this thing's priceless

Easy does it, this thing's priceless

Removing the old stack

A little hacksawing fixes a lot of things

Party in the crawlspace

Time to torch the pipe

Me, poppin' fresh from drilling in the crawlspace

Trying to coax the outlet off the baseboard

Trying to coax the outlet off the baseboard

Trying to coax the outlet off the baseboard

Trying to coax the outlet off the baseboard

Getting underway at the Porsche track session

First lap

Turns out the 911 GTS is fast

Rounding the bend

Good stopping power

Trading back to the instructor

Coming back around

Entering the Laguna Seca-like section

Out of my way!

Entering the kick plate

Getting sideways

Couldn't save that one

Prepping for another run as someone putzes around in the SUV

Fishing the back end around

Satisfied customer

Me, Randy, and Liz in LA

Time for a haircut

Waiting for dinner

Me and a view

Getting ready for dinner

Hanging the food for the second night

Hanging the food for the second night

After-dinner drinks

Former renter

At the arch in the morning

Walking the sand

So relaxed

Finished eating

In front of the lens

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

Swapping ineck

Prepaing the peephole

A few more vines clinging

Into the crawlspace!

Recutting the trim

Light up the City, Spike and myself enjoying a sleigh ride

With found feather

My big snowshoes

Lunch snowshoe gyrations

The Eckels men

All the kiddies

The Mad Men themselves

A little more finess...

Success at last

Extracting the vanity

And now for the toilet

Swapping out the leaky shutoffs

Vest on for safety!

Ready to check out the fish

Floating along

Octopus attack!

The urchin makes the rounds

Making a getaway

Me in the wetsuit top

Long afternoon shadows

Meditation break

Doing OK being held by the intruder

Still happy

One last shot with the ocean

Snorkeling in the cove

Under the surface

A little backstroke

Wading back in

Back in the deep

Cuddling with a sea urchin

Rayne's turn with the camera

Stopping by the wildflowers

Saying hello

Neck scratches

Three tall people

All four of us


Saying howdy


Chilling with Tig

Staring straight ahead

Contemplating a new pet

Tig's not too excited about the camera

Group shot

And he's off

Back again

Back to me

Ready to depart

Tail feathers

Limbering up

Looking into the valley

Me and Steam


Our new friend

Back and forth

Exiting the group shot

Almost looking like a chicken

V shape

Side eye

Generating some lift

To and fro

Out on a walk

Partial family portrait

A very tired me and Nicole

Me, Randy, and James at the very end of sophomore year

Up at the top of Mt Woodson

Fielding a birthday call

My crazy new oven mitts

Unwrapping one of the new pans

Cookbook #1

Puzzling out Britt and Beck's cryptic gift

Now for some gymnastics

Holding my little nephew

Holding my little nephew

Chicken man

My turn!

Enjoying the relative solitude at the point

With crown and notebook

Checking in with our buddy Gollum

Welcome to Hobbiton, indeed

Decked out in green

Hoisting a sour

Queentown in the background

In front of the Remarkable range

Matching helmet and jacket

Wairere Falls

In front of Mt Doom, about to embark

In front of Mt Ngauruhoe

Stacy and me

About to descend toward the Blue Lake

Nice to sit down for a bit

Looks like we're in for a wait

Two great looking guys

Ready to depart

Packs still on - must be a short break

Enjoying the beach

Reading before bed

Nice lazy start to the morning

Heading back to civilization

Testing out the activated charcoal vegan ice cream

It's good, but no better than the real thing

In front of yet another waterfall

At the Perpendicular Point overlook

On the Porarari River

Enjoying the paddle

Pancakes all around

In front of the swinging bridge

Out at the edge

As close as we got to the ice

In front of Thunder Creek Falls

Down at Lake Wakatipu

All nice and dry

Having a great hike so far

Now one with me

Sipping our hot drinks, indoors

Starting the cruise right


Out in the wet


In the kayak

Poking around here and there

Checking out the cove

Rain letting up again

All of us

Modeling the latest in camera clips

Shady lunch spot

Me and Stacy in the tandem

Action shot

In the tower

At Marymere Falls


Out on the water

The south shore

Teeing off

My turn

Removing the counter

Marna and me on the trail

Nice hair, don't you think?

Time for a better break

Better than the last one, at least

Through the looking glass

Mmm... frozen coconut cream pie

Our intrepid paddler




Some nice distance on that swing

Sinister phase two begins

A little fire makes everything a little better

In the heat

Dust in the air

Pulling lathe

Wiping down

Slicing and dicing

At Kerry Park

Down at the cove

Doyle, Liz and myself

Myself, John, Doyle, and Randy. Not sure what's going on here.

The whole group attempting to get aligned

Maximum presentability

Now for some fun

The whole gang

Two seconds later


Family lineup

All in blue

Schievelbein family

Now for some wrestling moves

On the plane

Our table in front of the daily menu

At the top of Cerro San Cristˇbal

At Casa Valle Vi˝amar

At Casa Valle Vi˝amar

Our tour group

Me in my true spirit form

Down at the riverside

Matchy matchy

Starting the day's tour

At the viewpoint

Put down your drinks!

Begone, pesky giant flies

Red, green, and blue


At our high point for the day

In the basalt field

Looking east

Working the clock


At the lake

At the Mirador Frances

In the flats

Ready for the next boat

Returning in relative calm waters

Whiskey and iceberg ice

In front of Perito Moreno

Icebergs from Perito Moreno

Returning home

Time to hit the trail

Somehow my leg seems to have gotten dirty

Washing out socks, because they're certainly dry quickly in the nice weather

Looking forward to some dry clothes

Everyone looking refreshed

Plenty of legroom for a change

Chowing down in the market

Sipping some coca tea

Taking a break

Up on the balcony

At the overlook

Overlooking the site

Down in the valley

Not quite alone, but mostly wandering solo

Blue skies and puffy clouds

At a quiet spot

A little less headroom

Boots off, feet up

Enjoying the afternoon sun

Alongside the bubbling brook

At the pass


Pre-breakfast walk

Sitting down on the job

Almost done with the third day's hiking

From the top of Patallacta

Our trekking crew - two horsemen, two tourists, one chef, and one guide

At the viewpoint

Valley views

Close to the exit

In the tuk-tuk

Swimming in the Amazon

At the giant lily pads

Piranha for dinner!

Two in the boat at once

Bright red circle on the tail

In the midst of the big tree roots

Looking scruffy

Stacy, Moises, and me on the dock

At the viewpoint


Me at the viewpoint

Me working it well in turn 5

Me exiting turn 9

Trudy and me

Me on the track

Me on the track

Me passing someone on the straight

Me on the track

Me coming up on another car

Me on the track

Me coming around turn 8

Heading into turn 9

High performance driving at its finest

Hanging from the tire

A little boost

Flying high

Another push

About a mile in

I test the keg. Note the foam

Facepainting by Burt

Own and fish, taking flight

In front of the lions

Two cigar experts light up

Flavor country

Pumpkin carving party, during carving Brian, Snake, Spike, (myself hiding behind John), John

Me carving like a madman

More carving excitement

Giant beet, fresh from the dirt

Completing the rectangle

Cutting cement board to size

Spreading goop to glue down cement board

Fun with the wet saw

Laying down the grout

Laying down the grout

Weekend crew

Getting instruction

Group shot

A few mosquito bites

My turn

Opening the bubbly

Stacy and me

Happy hour begins


Sun on the horizon

The time-honored happy hour tradition


Trying not to lose too much

Me on the wall

Beth and me up high

On the shore

Sam trying to be as tall as me

At La Jolla Cove

Up on the rocks

No hat here

College reunion

Geared up in GoreTex

Up at Santa Barbara Point

At the Sea Center

At the end of the trail

All the hikers

Leash your octopus!

Island and water viewpoint

Stubborn sausage meat

The photographer

Turning around

At Britt and Beck's

Cruising back to Seattle

In front of the railroad bridge

Me and Doyle all set for Halloween

Spike, Barlo and me on the ill-fated six pack night

Later that night

Spike, Barlo and me on the ill-fated six pack night


Happy to be out of the car

Trapped inside the sequoia

In front of Moro Rock

Under the tunnel log

Up on Moro Rock

By an uprooted tree

Head clearance is still OK

Dipping in our toes

After dark

Casual lean

Our turnaround and lunch spot

Looking south

On a granite dome

A nice spot to pause

Story time, again

More books

Prepped for battle

Pry pry pry

Removing the metal cladding over the window trim

Suiting up for battle

It's not quite as tall as I'd like

Ready for the spacewalk

Front porch

Peeling off the tarpaper

Things get a little janky behind the water heater

Final pieces, coming down

Disassembly in action

One side down (except for the porch, which is its own unique construction)

Calculating the angles

Fun with geometry

Affixing the window trim

Affixing the last trim piece

Fun in the cabinet

Getting ready to sample the nectar

A wonderous wine tasting

Nicole and me doing some hardcore programming

Me and Jason before the Allison formal

Me and Chryssi on the trail at Wallace Falls

Spike and me on the trail at Wallace Falls

Me, Chryssi, and Spike with part of Wallace Falls in the background

Ryan, Spike, Barlo (shown yawning), me and Mark in Bath

Me, Mark, and Ryan in Bath

Me at the Roman Baths in Bath

Mark, me, Chryssi, Spike, and Ryan at Castle Coch

Mark, Chryssi, Spike, Barlo, Ryan and me at Stonehenge

Barlo and me

Spike and me in our engagement picture

Me, Barlo, Chryssi, Spike, Mark, and Ryan in Oxford

Barlo and I enjoy some beer

Me (after some Cheetos) and Rachel

Spike and me after playing in the crawlspace

Wondering what's taking so long


Reading one, i carry your heart with me, ee cummings

OK groom

The rings, please

Me and my family

Me and my extended family

Me and my parents

Jess and me

Me and the groomsmen

Trying to look dapper

I say hello

Brotherly grope

Mother-son dance

A sly grin to the photgrapher

End of the mother-son dance

NU table

Drinking buddies at the bar

Me at the Ice Bar wearing the supplied 1970s Sci-Fi outfit

Me at the Ice Bar wearing the supplied 1970s Sci-Fi outfit

Britt checks out my technique

Downshifting into the corner



End of the paddle

Jello in its delicious powder form


The first round of Jello is consumed

Wow, that's tasty stuff

Too tall to proceed

Cleanup time

Chryssi and I cuddle for warmth

Immersion blending makes everything tastier

Stretchy me

Carving the bird

Up at the top

Me looking scruffy and some blue sky

Mom and me at Tiger Mountain

Heading back

Me looking great with the wrong white balance

What fine beer they have here, and in such lovely cans

Out in the enclosure

Here you go, Chip!

Kitchen party time

Paused for a moment

Try not to fall, please

Victory poses

North-facing pose

Glad I brought the raincoat

Threading through the Peak-A-Boo trail

Back up

At the viewpoint

Standing by the biggest cairn on the trail

Another happy camper

Up at Mesa Arch

Down at the bottom

Soaking our feet at lunchtime

At Double-O Arch

Time to head home

Hanging the first panel

Soaking in the sun

The whole gang

Just a touch silly

Overlooking the Potomac

Reluctant to add another dimension