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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Slipping into the bunker

Another drone flight

Down in the bunker

Getting a glare

Taking the Skittles taste test challenge

Extreme concentration

Lots of optics

Setting up for a trough video

Tim at the "far" end

Tim ventures outside for photos

Tim's departure

Sorting out the provisions

Finishing the packing in the early morning light

Inside camp

Figuring out the next setup steps

Investigating the situation

Ready to receive

It's looking worse

Attempting surgery

Cinching down

Trimming to size

Rescuing the tortoise

Stacking rocks around the pump

Emptying the bunker

Taking a momentary break

Laying the cable for the microphone

Bringing out the drone

Taking flight

Up up and away

The pilot at work

Coming in for a landing

Tim dives down for a closeup

Diving way down

Tim comes back in


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