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Staging things on the sidewalk

Final logistics

Adding some OJ

Getting more animated

All pretty at the first stop

Table 3

Lots of ladies

Outside at Cougar

Courtney and Don

Bob pontificates

On to the last stop

Something shocking

The full crew

The full crew

The ladies

The ladies

The ladies

The ladies, now complete

Surfer and Unicorn

Saying hello

Conga line

Courtney and Don chatting it up

Behind the bar with the Manzanita crew

Enjoying the desert evening chill

Out on the dance floor

The group, part 1

Don, Courtney, and Lisa


Getting some air

Most of the ladies


More team members arrive

Nap time for Don

Upside down

All done

Ron gets handsy

Noble posing

70s fashion show

Checking out the loot

Dinner and drinks


Tip of the hat

Skee-Ball strategizing

Waiting for carting

Out on the waterlogged course

Questional instruction

Getting the hazard moving

Tony takes aim

Giant pretzel

Up on the porch



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