Home - 2012 - May Seattle trip

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Working on the bubbly

Owen taking a momentary break from his car hauling

Boating fun

Dance time

Feeding time

Ira Spring trailhead

Beyond the branches that block the fork

A lot greener than in southern California

Tilted tree

Our first stream crossing

Putrid Pete's Peak - a catchy name

Abandoned sunglasses

Steep grade

Mt Rainier coming into view

Lunch view

Mt Rainier

Enjoying the sun

At the peak, which wasn't so putrid

Looking east

Perched at the top

Melting lake on the backside

Turning around

Back in the relatively flat forest


Owen starts his supervised dinner

Bacon-wrapped dates

The master of the house

Beau and Mark


Up on the steps

Finishing off a bottle

Flying toward bedtime

The chef relaxes

Emory 'splains the rules

Juni gets some attention

High roller

The thrill of victory

Garden teepee

Sheltered from the drizzle

Constructing his vehicle

Finding the perfect piece

Taking in the excitement

My creation

Roman gives a concert

Roman, Jess, and Lisa


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