Home - 2012 - Whale watching from Mission Bay

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Docked in Mission Bay

Privateer, the vessel for our voyage

Sleeping it off

Ocean Beach dog park/beach

Headed out for a sail

La Jolla

Lobster trap

Coronado Islands

The dolphins approach

Here comes the full pod

Jumping all over


Lurking right next to the boat

Nice reentry

Keeping an eye on the marine life

Mexico's on fire

Gray whale spotted

There goes the fluke

Thar she blows

Pelican floating along

Nice big spout

Headed down for a deep dive

Tom on the lookout

Gliding behind the boat, looking for a handout

Ocean Beach pier, the longest on the west coast

Looking for fish

Sea lions by the bouy

Flipping around

Assorted birds

The group, plus my shadow


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