Home - 2011 - Christmas, etc

Photographer: Various

Prickly pear

Walking at Torrey Pines

Big pine cones

Heading toward the beach

Rearranging the sand

Teddy and Emory charged ahead

Down at the beach

Eroding cliffs

About to get some shoes wet

Wet jeans

Full speed ahead

Farewell, jeans!

So long, shirt!


Brown pelican trolling

California gull?

Waiting for the next wave

Drying and sunning, showing gang signs with hat

Broken cliff base

Elmo is lost!

Black-chinned hummingbird

Leaf necklace at Western Hills park

Big lamb pot pie

Mini veggie pot pies

Salad with pine nuts, blood oranges, and pomegranates

Fancy cocktails

Outlined Zoe cookie

Lots of green frosting

Chris and Kris

Sarah and Teddy

Cozy on the floor

Beginning the day with one Penguin

The 2012 vintage

Penguin number two, Marshmallow

Christmas picnic

Quincy hoping to get a big lunch

Punching bag practice

Team effort

Cranking the lasagne noodles

Salad with walnuts, beets, and blue cheese


Cranberry and chocolate tart

Stand up paddleboarders

Showing Marshmallow the ocean


The sanderlings head for calmer beaches


Marbled godwit

Underneath Scripps Pier

Scripps Pier

The seaweed monster attacks, with glee

Hopping along the rocks at La Jolla Cove

Sea lions

A very social squirrel

Perched on a post

Children's Beach, filled with seals

Seals and their pups

Lounging in the sun

Getting a little more playful

James and Emory unwrapping

Opening the dog portraits

Basset portraiture

Cranking out a peacock penny

Lots of bristle

Even wolves need walks

The warthog scratches an itch

Red panda going to hide

Giant panda on the prowl

Giant panda on the prowl

Hyena lounging in the early afternoon

Very slender neck

Sleepy time


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