Home - 2011 - Thanksgiving weekend

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Boulders on the trail up Woodson Mountain

Interesting erosion

Poised and ready to irradiate

View from the peak of Mount Woodson

Tied up during lunch

Lunch spot

On the potato chip rock

Varying levels of risk tolerance

More boulders at the summit

Flake of a rock

Downtown San Diego in the haze

Split boulder

Potentially tasty fungus


Dunes on Coronado

Hotel del Coronado

Streaky sand

Waiting off the sand

Coronado beach

Front view of the hotel

At the fountain in Balboa Park

Orchid in the botanical garden

Ceiling joint

Beware of giant Grinch

At the holiday tree

Hummingbird at rest

Resting or sleeping, you make the call

Visayan warty pig, critically endangered

Buerger's tree kangaroo

Frothy camel

North Chinese leopard, gazing out

Meerkat at dinner time

Elephants roaming

Lazy capybara

On the Skyfari

On the Skyfari

About halfway across

Chris in his element, with friend

African openbill stork

White-crowned robin-chat, being antisocial

Treading carefully by the hippo lagoon

Allen's swamp monkey

Young Takin

Panda stuffing its face

Feeding time

Wandering around

Nubian Soemmerring's gazelles

Red river hog, post-playtime

Ravine at Torrey Pines

About halfway down to the point

Mushroomy-looking butte

View from Red Butte

Eroded cliffs

More eroded cliffs

Beach and the ocean

Taking in the view

A Torrey Pine

Sea lions at La Jolla Cove


Barking like crazy

Brown pellicans


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