Home - 2011 - Weekend in Charleston

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Arthur Ravenel Jr/New Cooper River Bridge

John on the groom's cruise

Schooner rigging

USS Yorktown

Milling around on the groom's cruise

View of historic downtown from the habor

St. Michael's Church

Big fancy houses along the Battery

Colonial Lake

Catherdal of St John the Baptist

Entrance to the market

Charleston City Market

Nice but incredibly expensive sweetgrass baskets

US Customs House

Sailing in the harbor

The birthplace of Freemasonry!

Lowndes Grove Plantation

Sun getting low on the horizon

Charlie awaits his bride

Susan arrives

The ceremony


Fancy tent

First dance

Sunset - a nice time for a walk on a short pier

Festivities underway

Palmetto at sunset

Glowing orange

Chandelier over our dinner table

Charlie eating in the other room, unaware of our spying







Charlie and the super creepy painting of Arthur

Out on the patio

Susan on the dance floor

The heaters kick in

The fireworks begin

The fireworks continue

Even more fireworks

Making their exit



Double sparklers

Monument in Washington Park

Beck and Owen

Let me chew on the camera, please


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