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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Back of the bus

All pretty at the first stop

Done dining, now sipping

Lisa and Paul

Outside at Cougar

Getting rowdy

Bob pontificates

On to the last stop

Waiting to order

Paul moves in


Sensible evening wear

Paul approves

The gentlemen

The gentlemen

The ladies and our cruise director

Paul Hefner

Finally getting some respect

What a classy group




Getting crazy

Hiding in the shade

Accepting the challenge

Going down

John takes a turn

Mike stays low

Slipping away

Lightsaber battle royale

Star Wars trio

Paul, John, and Lisa

The full crew

The full crew

The guys

The guys


T-rex debut

Dino attack

Tina and Run DMC


Paul and Lisa

The whole crew

Slightly goofier

The guys

Floating by

DJ Paul

DJ at work

Gathering for dinner

Dancing it out

Paul in a babushka

The other table at Portofino

Hanging tough

Guys jump

Winding up for another

Moving in

Getting saucy

Lisa and Paul

Uno with some twists

Setting out

At the other end of the canyon

Heading up

A new friend

Slaving away

The group, part 1

Setting up for the main event

Paul shouts it out

Trying to listen in

Warning! Warning!

Starting the trivia

Trivia in progress

DJ booth

Waiting for the grillables

Story time

Short break


Pulp Fiction

Our hosts announce the prizes

The group!

The group!

The group!

Paul explains the trivia

DJ booth

Rosie announces the winners

DJ booth

The whole crew

Group shot #1

Group shot #2

Group shot #3

Group shot #5

Group shot #6

Lisa and Paul

Up close and personal

After the dusting of snow stopped

Descending into the unwanted valley

Breakin' the law

Free hot spring


Getting the party underway

Mike pontificates

Mike digs in

Closing down the night

DJ setup begins

More team members arrive

Mike goes karaoke

70s swimwear fashion show

Creepy underwater stalker

There's nothing like the comfort of pleather in the desert

Masked man

The Mad Men themselves

Looking lonely


Off-center kissing

Starting the flip-flop hike

Heading down the slot canyon

Turning around

The guys and an arm

Doors open for a little too long

Paul on the prowl

Missing a limb

Prepping to launch


Into the inlet


Trying to keep warm outside

The thinker

The whole group attempting to get aligned

Maximum presentability

Now for some fun

In our dinner tent

Our neighbor table

Dessert arrives

A toast to the birthday boy

Getting a workout

Waiting in line

Enjoying some tasting at winery #2

Chocolate wine, in the foreground

Lisa and Paul

Careful, they're trick candles


Backyard dinnertime

Under the lights

Eagerly awaiting the final results

Attacked by the reeds

Up front

Holding down the fort

Back at base camp

Walking the sand bar

Almost time to pack up

Packing up

Dean takes the lead

Side by side

The gentlemens' end of the bar

Lisa and Paul

Paul on his special day

Enjoying the sun and water

Happy hour

Delayed arrival

Looking a bit beleagered


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