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Kicking off the tour

Birthday cheers

All pretty at the first stop

Tasting begins

Into the vines


Done dining, now sipping

On the bar

Mike swoops in

Outside at Cougar

Getting rowdy

Bob pontificates

On to the last stop

The dancing begins


First round of the beer pong tourney

The gentlemen

The gentlemen




Getting crazy

Bob makes his move

Bob and the Eagle

Bob and me

Up by the head

On the Eagle's shoulder

Bob at the top

Starting our conquest of El Cajon Mountain

Final step at the top

Proof of ascent

At the summit

After lunch

Bob wins!

The group!

The group!

The group!


The winners!

The whole crew

Group shot #1

Group shot #2

Group shot #3

Group shot #5

Group shot #6

Watching the Borrego video

View to the south frmo the top

Checking out the turret

Descending into the unwanted valley

Victory at the flag pole

Taking a break

Breakin' the law

Open floor

Getting the party underway

At the table at last

Done eating

Don makes the rounds

Bob recreates the attack

Draining the pitcher

Closing down the night

Relaxing in the sun

Those who stuck around for afternoon hiking

In the narrows

Gadi's, less crowded than the saloon

Room to ourselves

Getting close

Big palm at the Cottonwood Spring oasis

Up on Mastadon Peak

Heading up 74 with the top down

Relaxing in the shade

Studying our competing maps

Snack time

Ants on a log

Katherine and Bob

The Mad Men themselves

Bob and Katherine

Waiting for carting

Out on the waterlogged course

Let the bowling begin

Pre-dinner drinks


Tesla shows some interest

Bob getting into it

Discussing the best Polish food in San Diego

A severe scolding

The games begin on Saturday

The whole group attempting to get aligned

Maximum presentability

Now for some fun

Closest to the tent entrance

Quick stop at the overlook

Overlooking the desert

At the top of Garnet Peak

Birthday boy Bob

From the junction

Kitchen crew



Murray looks skeptical

Trivia reactions

Weekend crew

Approaching the high point


Photo shoot

Living the good trailer park life

Cigar time

Smoking in style

Momentary calm

Sunday breakfast feast

Bob and Katherine


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