Home - 2011 - Weekend in Julian

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Downtown Julian

Dusk approaches

Sara and Brian

Deer in the meadow

Five does in a bunch

Taking off

Hazy sunset

Rescued goats looking for some attention

Dried out meadow

Last bit of sunset

The Lilac Suite, our accomodations

Thriller strikes

Lounging in the giant chair

Crepes and bacon - breakfast of champions

Farm on Farmer's Road

Approaching Volcan Mountain

Elaborate entrance

Carved gate

California buckwheat

Burned tree

Woodpecker holes

Another dead tree

Woodpeckers strike again

Looking down the valley

Pretty green down there

Lonely and dead

Peeling in long strips

Peeling in smaller chunks

Tiny horned lizard

Taste test

Filling up the bag

Cohesive flock

Very few left on the trees

Lots on the ground

Green ones too

Relaxing in the shade

Nate and Annie

Raven Hill orchard - no apples here

One of three wineries down the road

Blue jay

Cold Spring/Stream trail

Coming back to life

Burnt section


Adelpha bredowii (California Sister)

Trickle of a stream


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