Home - 2011 - Going away picnic

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Surfboard cupcakes

Beach towel and flip-flop cupcakes

The sporting begins

Intense concentration

Swinging on the precarious pole

Skeptical Britt

Meatball sandwiches

The full sandwich spread

Double aerobie

Ready to strike

Kiki and Nicole

Eluding the defenders

Psyching up for the catch

Elijah learns from the master

Practicing the catch


Screeching halt

Lost in the sun

The Owen zone

Happy in plaid

Pendulum toy


Piggy back ride

Fist bump?

Nope, high-five instead

New badminton team


Cupcake time

Simply shocking

A casualty

Evil super villian yawn


Breaking out the warmer clothes

Chloe and John arrive

John attempts to explain his antics

Lisa and Roelle return

Here come the paddleboards

Cruising by

Out for a paddle

Taking off

Heading towards a Rainier sunset

Chloe stands up

Taking refuge behind the chair

Attacking my legs


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