Home - 2011 - Camping on the Olympic Peninsula

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Zoe on high alert

Pole position on the ferry

Leaving Edmonds

The Walla Walla

Curious boy

Bluffs at Dungeness Spit campground

Nootka rose


Deer in the meadow

Deer in the meadow

More deer in another meadow

Kentucky bluegrass

Reed canary grass

Prowling the tall grass


Turkey vulture circling

Entering the refuge, no dogs allowed

First glimpse of the spit

Lighthouse, 5 miles out

Down on Dungeness Spit

Menacing clouds to the west

Drilled driftwood

Twisted trunk

Seagull at attention

Getting closer to the lighthouse

Logs and rocks

Confident gull

Caspian tern gliding

Caspian tern cruising

Less foot traffic out here

Bird attack

Lots of gulls

One of these birds is not like the others

Gulls in a row

Red thorns

Backlit nooka

Asparagus pipe bomb

Carolyn works the stove

The readers

Sporting a jaunty thundershirt

Browned but not burned

Fashionable leggings

Layered mountains

Camera and non-coffee

Kiki returns

Sliding behind the clouds

Happy birthday girl

Rustic mug sipping

The spit

Puffing up nicely


Enjoying the heat

Clear morning

Breakfast begins

With bandana, poised for action

Off leash at last


More please

Chomping and swimming

Out for a paddle

Zoe ventures in

Wet but happy

Shake shake shake

Drying off

A wet, sandy monster

Point No Point Beach

Point No Point lighthouse

Point No Point lighthouse

Downtown and Rainier

Berry season is here at last

White-crowned sparrows?

Ebey's Landing across the Sound

Rainier and downtown, closer


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