Home - 2011 - Weekend in Victoria

Photographer: Josh Eckels

A much bigger boat pulling into port

BC Parliament building

BC Parliament building

Front steps to the parliament building

Parliament fountain

Queen Victoria

The Empress

Sam's Deli and Bistro, in a prime location

Darth plays a mean fiddle

Bike races down Belleville

Hotel Grand Pacific, our lodging

Cap'n Cook, a Canucks fan

Entering the Butchart Gardens

The Sunken Garden, formerly a limestone quarry

Robin ignoring the stay off the grass signs

A brief history

Vestiges of the mining operation

Ross Fountain

Modest statue

One of the few roses in bloom

The carousel, mostly empty

Thunderbird atop the totem pole

African daisies, from what I've been told



Sturgeon fountain

Dining Room restaurant from across the lawn

Butchart Cove

Star Pond

Stock, perhaps?

Lily pads in the Italian Garden

Hedge door


Geraniums in the indoor garden

Polished teapot

Drooling like Quincy at food time

Sunken Garden in the afternoon sun

More stock?

Bald eagle overhead

This rock isn't going anywhere


Remnant of the cement factory

Biking demo. Emory in 5 years

Inner harbour

Charging girl and dog

Parliament building at night

Inner harbour at dusk

Seal swimming out to the Sound

Parliament building at night, with moon

Fountain right next to the hotel

The Yellow Submarine

Collected BC mammals

Seals on display

Northern Sea-lion

Craigdarroch Castle, at the top of the hill

Nice turret


Not a subtle residence

Bike polo action

Bike polo action

Bye bye, Victoria


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