Home - 2011 - Backpacking at Douglas Creek

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Enough water on the road to start hiking from here

Farmland in the coulee

Up and into the canyon

The vegetarian finds some vertebrae

Part of a spine

Douglas Creek near the south end of the canyon

Packs off but not completely relaxed

Tent is up

Starting to sprinkle

A little further down the trail from the campsite

Splish splash


Buried shelter

Darkling ground beetle on the trail

Douglas Creek Canyon

Corn chowder and high fashion

Not enjoying the gunshots from our neighbors


Very tired pup

Passing the time with fun facial expressions

Itsy bitsy spider climbs up the camping stove


Bark cleared by beavers

Lounging in the morning sun


Ensnared by vines


Basalt layers

Carved out columns

More overhangs

Trotting along

Trail running

Yellow salsify

Beaver dam

Shades for Quincy

Wooly sunflower

Western terrestrial garter snake


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