Home - 2011 - Costa Rica - Day 8

Photographer: Various

Misty sunrise

Birds everywhere

On the platform, looking for a handout

Toucan sighting

Chestnut-mandibled toucan

Up close and personal with the toucan

Chugging a banana

Another cherrie's tanager. Or the same one

Newt enjoying the sun

Very purple leaves

Out on Lake Arenal

Unknown structure

Unknown shorebird takes flight

Marshy shore

Great egret

Arenal viewed from Lake Arenal


Arenal and the dam

Towel sculture #3: heart

One more clear view of the volano

Off to Rios Tropicales for a twilight cruise

Backlit volcano

Park and launch site

Inflating the raft

Sliding down the raft

On the Penas Blancas

Yellow bamboo

In search of frogs

Blue-jeans frog or strawberry poison-dart frog

The frog looks to make an exit

Long-nosed bats hanging on a tree

Entering the stump section

Basilisk or Jesus Christ lizard

Howler monkey overhead

Moises rowing away

Vulture tree

Howler monkey in the flashlight

Howler monkey mom and baby


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