Home - 2010 - Christmas

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Megan in hat

Properly preparing the surface

Quincy by the door

Bandaged paw

Ninja cookie cutter

Scoping out the mantle

Surprised Sarah

Ballet slipper

Tree and stack o' presents

Zoe's mystery origins, soon to be unraveled

Some interest in the treats

Spinach and beet pasta drying

Dessert in progress

Snacks are served

This year's installment

Baseball mitt

Very early in the unwrapping process

Tearing with gusto

Photo paper, explained

Watching Emory at work

Star Wars apron

Mr Freeze compartment

Handmade figurines

Rapid unwrapping

Here comes the BatCave

Dropping the lunch box

Helmets on for safety

Swapping hats

Exploring the BatCave

Total chaos

Desert under cover

Zoe with ribbon

Applying the frosting

Carefully measuring

Dried pasta

Plate, partially assembled

Nibbling on noodles


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