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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Teddy and Sarah

Gathered around Emory playing video games

Walking at Torrey Pines

Heading toward the beach

Teddy and Emory charged ahead

About to get some shoes wet

Waiting for the next wave

Elmo is lost!

Leaf necklace at Western Hills park

Sarah and Teddy

Cozy on the floor

The 2012 vintage

Attempting to communicate

Sarah and Teddy

Eluding the defenders

Cupcake time

Our guide

Prepped for hiking with packs

Lunch for Teddy

Happy hikers

Very freshly engaged!

Rousing the slumberers

Sleepy but hungry

Tea, coffee, and sweets

Waiting for the next train in the return journey

In search of noodles

Slogging through the push medal game

Examining the fortune

Rejecting the fortune


In jail

Watching Emory's antics

Perusing the paper

Attempting to put the boy in the bubble

Teddy, through a bubble

Patrolling the parapets


Bouncing back, slowly

Abandoning the game

Enjoying the Wii-induced down time


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