Home - 2010 - Emory's birthday party

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Gathering the robot parts

Ready for construction

Glue sticks at the ready

Applying the space-age adhesives

Half-hearted Hungry-Hippo'ing

He lives to serve

A little overwhelmed

Aleric prepares the puff balls

Post-"snowball" fight


Chicken dance

Ready for self-sacrifice

Hoisting the beast

Sizing up the enemy

Swinging away

The blindfold isn't quite blinding

Aleric takes a turn

Wisely swapping out the wood for a lightsaber

Roman's turn

Double-ended pummeling

Unthinkable carnage

Hanging by a thread

Spilling its guts

Broken back

Finishing the job

Sugar-laden bounty

Large spider


Present time

Fancy scooter

Star Wars shirt

Now for dessert


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