Home - 2010 - Backpacking at Wild Horse Creek

Photographer: Various

Loading up

Trailhead, looking somewhat overgrown

A nice lunch of sticks

Looking for her own meal

Baba ghanouge, medium smokiness

Tied up

Showcasing the vegetarian "pastrami" jerkey

A few clouds, but lots of blue

White Pine Creek

Stretching before reloading the packs

Tasty thimbleberries

Fresh berry dessert

Junction for Wild Horse trail

Something smelly to rub in

A few rain drops

Tiny stream


Don't steal Chloe's berries

Scavenging off the trail

Lots of blue skies

Berry stained fingers

5000' view

The fire that wasn't meant to be

Close quarters

Red for me

Tired at last

Not liking the thunder

Fashionable footwear

Questioning the recipe

Very green creek

Moss and two inch waterfall

Hiking two-by-two

Thimbleberry forest

Pyramidal mountain

Sprinting down the trail

A more controlled trot for Zoe

Another lap

Hollowed stump

A few seeds here too

Overgrown trail

Relaxing at the same lunch spot

Half asleep


No more needles

The last stream crossing

More blue skies


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