Home - 2010 - Andrea and Matt's reception

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Mid-afternoon vista

Crowd gathering

Prepping candles and speaches

Central candles

Half of the lineup

Groom and bride

Front row entertainment

Passing down the light

Converging fire

Exchanging vows

Lighting the unity candle

The candle says they're married

The full wedding party

Kiddie table

Small pours

Time for a quick project

Bride and family

Toast interruptor

Andrea and Carolyn

Pink hat, apricot beverage

Speech time

Kid frame

Prepping for the cool evening

Sunset begins

Starting to get some color in the sky

College buddies

Photo time

Properly assembled

Sunset #2

Let the smores gorging begin

Smores envy

Sunset #3

Avoiding the smoke

More photos

Sunset #4

Nice rocking chair

Gooey mess

Giant marshmallow

A very sticky situation

Partially unglued

Sunset #5

Back for more

Sunset #6

Andrea gets to relax a bit

Coffee time

Sitting down at last

Bundled up

Smores for the bride

Tree and smoke

Matt's dad

Back on her feet

Tree with Krusty the Clown silhouette


Evening lounging

Matt's mom

The groom


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