Home - 2010 - Return to Icicle Creek

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Didn't take long to get tangled

A more experienced pack hound

High water

Pale swallowtail

Hunkered down for lunch

Log jam

Single cloud ruins otherwise pleasant weather


Jack Creek Trail, our old nemesis

A place to hang one's hat, apparently

Ridgeline, no snow this year

Very naked tree

Seedling in hollow stump

Beetle with giant antenna

Two very tired dogs

Dusk slowly approaches

Tuna time

Not quite as patient as Zoe

Crescent moon

Island view

My wakeup view

Tethered swimming for Quincy, anxious waiting for Zoe

Back in the water

Dog spray

Breakfast part two, please?

Tug of war with a stick

Quincy's a little dirty already

Blue skies over the river

Yarrow with bugs

Dropped petals

Snow at the top, but no precipitation in sight

Icicle Creek rapids

Barely ripe huckleberries

Backlit vine maple

Icicle Creek

View from the footbridge



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