Home - 2010 - Whidbey Island weekend

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Baby Island View Cottage from the road

A convenient pamphlet

Cottage kitchen

Kitchen and table

Living room and fireplace


View out the front

Private pier

Beach club - members only!

Baby Island, high tide

Faint view of the Cascades

The point

Baby Island with plenty of seals on the shore

Seal convention

Weather station

Perched on the line

Overgrown hydrant

Baby Island at low tide

Nice clear day

Arrival at Ebey's Landing

Shoreline looking south

Shoreline looking north

Mt Baker in the distance

Ready for adventure, and more


View from the top of the ridge

Approaching the trees

Off in the weeds

Trail at the top of the edge


Looking a bit south

Starting to descend

Stacked driftwood

Lots and lots of driftwood

Gone to seed

Heron close to shore

Taking flight

Returning for more

Getting a little wild

Elaborate foot binding

Misc shells

Fresh mussels

Beach club pier

Baby Island again

Bubbles and sun

Saratoga Woods Preserve

Abandoned machinery

Sniff sniff sniff

Bent tree, the trail's namesake


Ferry back to the mainland

Cascades with snow

Incoming dive bomber

Ferry wake

Feeding the nice birds

Taking up the back seat


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