Home - 2010 - San Diego trip

Photographer: Various

Desert plants

College reunion

La Jolla coastline

Torrey Pines

Onwards to Razor Point

Recent rainfall

Green and brown


Gnarled tree



Lonely plant

Wildflowers blooming

Perched on a shrub

Pacific Ocean

Looking to the north

Eroded cliffs

Eroded cliffs

Eroded cliffs

Another squirrel

Finely etched

Eroded cliffs

Mission Beach

Our gracious hosts

James and Sam on the beach

Tiny shells

Seaweed up close

Sculpture park at San Diego Museum of Art

Sam and James

The Smolens

Jack comes charging in

Leading the way

Botanical gardens

Reflecting pool

Checking out the fish

Checking out Jack

On the train

Wandering the botanical gardens

Red orchids

Yellow orchids

Slatted roof

Cut hollow log

Fountain at Balboa Park

El Prado

James and Sam at the fountain

(Spr)Eckels Organ Pavilion

Entering Cabrillo National Monument

Approaching the monument itself

The monument

View from the overlook

Lighthouse in the distance

No whales out today

Downtown San Diego

Coronado Bridge

Little lizzard

The lighthouse

Lighthouse tower

Heading down to the shore

Ocean cliffs

Rock pile

Flying low

Surfers waiting for the next wave

Surf's up

Snapping away

Catching some air

Formation flying

Banded shoreline

More cliffs

Try not to wipe out

Varied erosion

Pummeling waves

Very arid

Flowering succulent

Joshua trees

Bailey with jailhouse shadows

Bella sitting

Issuing directives

Bailey again


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