Home - 2009 - Susie and Charlie's wedding

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Front and center

Exchanging vows

Trading rings

The kiss

The dip


Hug for Mom

This way, please

Shower gift

Putting the ice sculpture to use

Nicely chilled

Columbia Winery

Welcoming banner

Flower heart

Cutting the cake

First dance


Ice at night

Bouquet toss

Next to be married

Going for the garter


Let the dancing begin

Chatting with the next to be married

Cheering the crowd

Groom's parents

Relaxing at the table

The dance floor

More dancing

Wild dancers

Glowing pink

Classic dance moves

Classic dance moves

Changing directions

Sitting this one out


Mood lighting

Seducing the groom

Lighting gear

Lonely at the DJ booth



Working the bar

Tie comes off

Susie and her brother

Susie and her brother

Susie and her brother

Slow dancing


Party favor


Shoes taking a break

Hiding in the shadows


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