Home - 2009 - Backpacking near Icicle Creek

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Suited up and ready for action

Signing in at the trailhead

Not something you see everyday

Ranger station, shut down

The US doesn't pay snitches very much

Icicle Creek, looking downstream

Icicle Creek, looking upstream

Carving out the rock

Red-tipped leaves

Rain drops everywhere

Our campsite

Covered dining area

Off to Jack Creek Trail for a short hike

Cloudy but not raining

Charred stump

Icicle Creek tributary

Somewhat dried huckleberries

Not the sunniest weather you'll ever see

Huckleberry harvest

Some blue sky

View from the campground to the bridge

View from our watering area

Watering rock

View from watering rock, looking downstream

More clouds rolling in

Lelu goes for a swim

Shaking off the extra water

Breakfast water boiling, with a little overflow from last night

Oatmeal preparations

Must be clearing up, right?

Cooking pot and mugs

Tarp pond

Bungees for the tarps

Ready for some day hiking action

Blackjack Ridge Trail, our day hike of choice

Mossy trees

Blue skies lingering

Entering the official wilderness

Partial red leaf on the Oregon grape

Chilling the wasp bite

Trees trees trees

A few fallen logs

The glorious view from the ridge

Soaking up the view. Or fog.

Time to get out of here

Vine maple galore

Thinking about some tasty breakfast

Tarps, still doing their duty

Two of the tents

Trusty site #0

Watering hole in the morning light

Oregon grape, nice and shiny

No more tent

Packing up the last of camp

Waterlogged packs

Vine maple leaves

Sappy drips

Misty morning

Icicle Creek

Still cloudy

Looking downstream on Icicle Creek

Sold by 2006, consumed in 2009

Britt the coat rack

Hello, private property

No more road


Trip verdict: awesome


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