Home - 2009 - Mom and Dad's visit

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Sharing an ice cube

Paradise Point State Park, convenient access to I-5

East Fork Lewis River

East Fork Lewis River

Dried grasses


Thistle trio

Mud flats

Snuggly on the shoreline

Enjoying the stroll

Tucked under the interstate

As You Like It promotional materials

Looks like some tasty berries

The berries in question

Team picking

Gentle rolling fields of Willamette Greenway State Park

By the big boating sign

Willamette River

Waterskier down in the water

Shoreline of the Willamette River

Dad up on the trail

Mom up on the trail

Weeds weeds weeds

Grazing goats

Dad, Mom, and Ben Franklin

Entrance to Winter's Hill Winery

Wine press and bird house

Replanted native grasses

Busy bee

Slurping away

White Rose Winery

Sipping and sitting

Waiting for the play to start

Don't take my wine

Making use of the picnic set

The crowd gathers and the house lights dim

Our director

Loop C, Lewis and Clark State Park

Old growth forest

Sharing a leaf

Amused by the slugs

Newer growth forest

Nectarine tart


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