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Photographer: Various

Peace pup

Quizzical on the couch

Ready to play

Quincy in the middle of it all

Chewing on the doll

Double sniff

A special breakfast treat

Eagerly awaiting the tennis balls

Chomping away

Seeking shade

Checking out the snow

Quincy does some chomping

Taming the pup

Attack #1

Dancing on the table

Nice tongue curl

Taking a break in the tall grass

Muddy paws

Sniffing the leaves

Flailing on the floor

Nosing around

Paw to paw

Playing with a stick

Momentary calm

Locked up

Quincy by the door

Bandaged paw

Ballet slipper

Some interest in the treats

Total chaos

Cozy on the floor

Quincy hoping to get a big lunch

Quincy wasting no time opening things up

Waiting for the next gift

Delicate work

Found a stick

Snack sized

Happy dog

Nibbling on the grass

Tending to the demanding dogs

Milling around, waiting for action

Time for a quick snooze

A gentle hand on the shoulder

Going for the throat

Blanket time


Victorious by default

A quick nap before heading out

Tugging away

Getting muddy

Turned away from the view

Sniffing around the new growth

A little dirty

Lurking in the berries

So sleepy

Time to recharge

Ready for more

Mmmm... leash

Searching for squirrels

Not ready to share

Galloping around

Full steam ahead. Note the shaved leg patches

Hot pursuit

Slinky away with stolen loot

Packs off but not completely relaxed

Splish splash


Very tired pup


Shades for Quincy

Curious boy

With bandana, poised for action


More please

Chomping and swimming

Zoe ventures in

Shake shake shake

A wet, sandy monster

Holding back the beasts

Leaning in for a lick

Watching from inside

Quincy, cooling off somewhat

Quincy, ready for excitement

Unhappy about our pending departure

Dual drinking at the stream

Time for some snow frolicking

Shake it off, time to move on

Didn't take long to get tangled

Hunkered down for lunch

Two very tired dogs

Not quite as patient as Zoe

My wakeup view

Tethered swimming for Quincy, anxious waiting for Zoe

Back in the water

Dog spray

Breakfast part two, please?

Tug of war with a stick

Quincy's a little dirty already

Quincy, all riled up

Up close and personal

Trying to escape the sun

Quincy shows off his giant tongue

Looking for some lunch

Snuggle time on the bed

Nap time


Quincy makes a new friend

Quincy checks out the magnificence

Grazing on the grass

Quincy on leftover patrol

A late-night snack

Ready to get wet

Wet dog

High speed pursuit

A quick sniff test

The hunt begins

Zooming by another golden

Quincy, king of the savanah

Rounding the corner


Trotting in the surf

Contemplating retrieving some seagulls

Panting but happy

Enthusiastically mowing the grass

Not as hot as usual on the trail

Tired, but still happy to chew

Sharing an ice cube

Quincy at rest

Resting up for insanity

Up and alert

Ready to lick

Chew toy at the ready

A nibble here and there

Quincy's first treat

Duck hunt successful

Off with its head


Getting sleepy

Baby blue kong

White powdered nose

Ready for action

Tracking the ball

Clawing the ball

Inspector Quincy

Snacking on some dirt

Ready to hit the trail at Cougar Mountain

Lunch time nap

Chained dogs

Locked up

Feeling left out

Completely shunned

A quiet moment by the backdoor

Happy to lie down

So bored

So very very bored

Maybe a little paw licking will break the tedium

Nope, still bored


All stretched out


A quick yawn before starting off

Tandem dog team

Snow snout

Quincy and big brother's tail

Family room

Exploring the slope

About to settle down for a good chew

Quincy's happy enough on the floor

Sniffing around

Quincy takes a sniff

Panting happily

Looking for a handout

Tied up during lunch

Hoping for some turkey

Quincy makes his move

Big snuggles

Carrying a big stick

Team Golden, featuring Nyla and Quincy

Up at the top

Buddies on the trail

Harnessed up and ready to go

Getting tired but still happy

Happy up at the top

Moving in for a lick

Ready for adventure, and more

Off in the weeds

Getting a little wild

Elaborate foot binding

Sniff sniff sniff

Taking up the back seat

A nice lunch of sticks

Tied up

Tired at last

Hiking two-by-two

Sprinting down the trail

Another lap

Relaxing at the same lunch spot


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