Home - 2009 - Family gathering - 2 - Friday in Hartland

Photographer: Various

Time for hike at Nashota Park

Picnic area

Iridescent seeds

Off in the weeds

Big puffballs

Marsh around Green Lake

Painted turtle

Frog making a getaway

Puppet show

Waiting for the next round of activity

Lightsaber fight

Dusk settles in


Big explosions!

Bright and shiny!

Watching with care

Looking up

A jaded viewer?

Fully reclined

Web cam chat with Peter

Time to break out the hats

Hat and shades

Sitting down in the primary chat chair

Miracle/Mysterious Fruit Tablets

Hats off to you

Conductor cap?

Continuing the chat

Wearing Mosquito Duck

Tom with homemade hat

This one's a bit dusty

Space hat

Many armed chat monster

Presenting the trophy

Hat hair

On to magazines with hats


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