Home - 2008 - Christmas - Wisconsin trip

Photographer: Josh Eckels

"Christmas Eve" dinner

Gathering at the table

Top of the tree

Also ready for presents


The distribution begins

Watching another opening


Portable gift

Waiting patiently

Ready for the special gift

A little tickling

Mini robot

Scale model

New edition, now available

Checking out the calendar

Wheelie Bike, with Actions!

Learning of the full gift

Ready for the maiden voyage

Let's hope the motorcycle lessons go better

Double checking the tag

Watching from the far end

Sharable socks

Tandem riding

Space Warriors

Why bother with a recall when you can just slap on a sticker

Shiny bag

Sam and Anne

The second round

Fancy box

Slippers and more

Setting the table

Table, all set

Space Warrior, ready for battle

Checking out the wedding pictures

Sam and Anne, again

Explaining the complex rules

#6's magnet

Checking out the new toy


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