Home - 2008 - Thanksgiving in Arizona

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Enough with Thanksgiving, time for Christmas

Finally, a designated place for ire

Arizona flag

Airconditioners under a gray sky

Bright orange

Fallen citrus

Attack lions

Pastel roof

Secluded patio

Gas is cheap again

Game time

Sam and James

Megan gets a little competitive

Nap time

The hardest card of the night


Apple and citrus tart

Brussels sprouts

Homework by the window

The bird is done

Pumpkin pie

Sam and James

More Apples to Apples

Learning all sorts of things about the kids

Hiking at Lost Dutchman State Park

Split cactus

Lots of pokey bits

Heading toward Siphon Draw

Cactus remains

Rock spires

Misty mountains

Looking down at the valley


Clearing up a little

Battered cactus

One last look at the mountains

Breakfast at Joe's

Mayo requires extra patience

Trees are dangerous things

One of the many bees


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