Home - 2008 - Vancouver weekend

Photographer: Josh Eckels

The Canadians think we're sort of funny. Funny sad

Our small but modern hotel room

Entering Stanley Park

A peek at the skyline

Butterfly inside the tropics exhibit

Marmaset ready to hop into his gourd

No gourd for this one

Glowing jellies

Big swarm of jellies

Sea nettle heading for the bottom

In front of the glowing stingy things

Spinnaker, a lonely bachelor when we last saw him, has found love

Spinnaker and one of his lady friends

Down, you beast

Soaring with the greatest of ease

Sea otter chowing down

Outside the aquarium

No bears to feed anymore

Lots of new buildings

Seems like a nice place for a shiny slanty shack

Even boats need gas

Fall comes early for some trees

They look pretty tasty


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