Home - 2008 - Backpacking at Lake Valhalla

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Trailhead, PCT passing through Stevens Pass

Filing the paperwork

Slanty-roofed houses

On the overgrown trail

Shifty John

Fungus attack

Swampy meadow

Frog hiding out

Marmot in the distance

Groundhogging it up

Pika hiding out in the grass

A tiny bit of blue

Fat pika lounging in the sun

Marmot #2 ventures out

Showing off those teeth

Mini meadow swamp at the outflow end of Lake Valhalla

Planning the tent locations

A little more blue

Selective sun on the rocks

Raindrops starting up again

Outflow end of the lake

High fashion in the high country

Big smiles while hanging the food

Yellow blip on the lakeshore

Under the tarp at souptime

Unused tarp loop

Boiling up some more water

Muching on the huckleberries

Muching on the huckleberries

Vahalla lakeshore

Tree directly on the rock

Log doing its best to dry out


Boiling water for morning tea

Ready for breakfast

Integrating the landscape

Abandoned tent

Abandoned clothes

Contents of the abandoned tent

Ozark Trail, left behind

Campsite map

Pika howling in the morning mists

Marmot #2 makes a return appearance

Marmot #2 on the move

Thistle in bloom

More clouds on Sunday

Crazy John


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