Home - 2008 - Fourth of July

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Wasting no time in going for the presents

Roman's not sure about this one

A bigger hit with Roman

Taking it for a test creep

Pinned but armed

Varied emotions

Piling on the little ones

Poised to strike

Group kidnapping

Enjoying the spectacle

Returning the prisoners

The many faces of Roman, part 1

The many faces of Roman, part 2

The many faces of Roman, part 3

Ready for a road trip

So long, suckers

A tight fit

Post meal lounging

Good thing it's well built

Mildly confused by the controls

Car stack

Time for a trim

Five, count 'em, five Jell-o squares in Isaac's mouth

The inside's got more flair than the outside

Patriotic Jell-o

Best when it's grilled

Here comes the cake

Trying to shield the flame


Probably not the first shot, but close to the start of the water war

Arming up

The fight gets violent

Pulling out the big guns

Alliances form

Attack from behind

John takes a hostage, Chloe begs for her life

Boozy fruit

Even the journalists are under attack

Attempted getaway

Time to get even

Tussel for the gun


Sealed up


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