Home - 2008 - Easter weekend in Wisconsin

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Peter wields his archiac weapon


Also available with fencing gear

Morning light on Peter's bachelor pad

Happy to be up and about

Egg attack

Dye master Marna

Waiting for the color to seep in

Ready to come out

Keeping a safe distance from the colors

Eyeing the M&M dispenser

Chemistry at its finest

Approaching the Waukesha County Historical Museum

Look familiar?

Courtroom ceiling, pre-restoration

Duct to nowhere

A snowy Waukesha County

Previously the courthouse and jail

Reading up on the Bananagram rules

Readying for wordplay

A blank canvas


Wild-eyed Sam

Loading up for the next round

Kicking back with a beer

Big smile for the photographer

Big smile for the photographer

Searching for the right tiles

Relaxing in a lull in the action

Debating the merits of British slang

Trying hard not to find the Easter baskets too early

Finishing up with Bananagrams

Looking for an authoritative answer

Attempting to line up for the family photo

Battle with the new camera

The photographers at work

No baskets to see here

About to start the search

Houdini, opting out of the egg hunt

On the prowl for baskets

Early success

It's for me!

The hunt continues

Lucas demonstrates proper brushing technique


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