Home - 2007 - San Diego - Day 1 - Zoo

Photographer: Various

Flamingos at the entrance

A duck invades the lagoon

An orangutan hanging out

Rolly polly

Ready to pounce

Striped bird

Meerkat takes a break from furious digging

This parrot will bite if you let it (according to the sign)

In the hummingbird enclosure

In the hummingbird enclosure

Relaxing in the tree

Sitting around doing nothing

High-fiving the wall

No hat here

An amazing amount of foamy spit

Speke's Gazelle, with earring

Meerkat lunging for some vittles

Addax, also with earring

Giraffes making out

Chomping away

Turns out that giraffes are really tall

Working on some food

Dippin' Dots look like dirty styrofoam pellets, it turns out

Polar bear surveys the scene

Even more protective than Zoe


Turtle showdown

Panda hiding out

No time to turn around, must eat


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