Home - 2006 - Haines/Wallace wedding

Photographer: Various

Banquet setup

Chris and Megan


By the pool with Emory

Big me


Chairs all set for the ceremony

Pacifying the toothing beast

Soon to be submerged

Water landscaping

That's all the roses

Floating in the pool

Congregating at the far end

Waiting for the other key person

Pre-ceremony sitting

Here comes the bride

Just before the handoff

The groom

Background information

The ceremony

The ceremony

The bride

Funny stuff

Ring #1

Ring #2

Quick kiss for mom

Pouring the sand

In goes the sand

Pouring complete

First official kiss

First official kiss

Time of marriage: 3:15PM

Post-ceremony music

Mixed sand

Emory in his finery

Post-ceremony conversation

Sam looks happy to be married

Delicious beer

Sitting at the table

Me and the married man

Going to the bubbly




Sipping by candlelight

Down the hatch

Hidden behind all the table accessories

Clearing the table

The happy couple

On the patio

A few steaks on the grill

Propane keeps everything warm

Inspired by ZooLights

The sand, on the sidelines at the party

Waiting for the main course

Candles in the pool

Chaos in the kitchen

The full cake

Everyone headed inside for warmth

Making the coffee

Time to cut the cake

Exciting slicing action

Pulling out the slice

Easy does it

Grabbing a forkful

Here comes the airplane

A little too easy...

Nose decorations

Devious grin

Cleaning up

Sweet revenge

Another cleanup

Coffee time

Sipping away

Sipping something else

Living room conversation

Hanging out in the dining room

Dining room banter

Still a bride, no longer in the dress

More bubbly

James finds out it's time to change

Nap time

In the living room

Pre-dance kissing

They can dance close now

Down for a dip...

and a kiss

Dancing baby

Checking out the wedding favors

Taking a break from the catering

Happy Wedding Day

Coffee in the kitchen

Dance machine

Chaos on the dance floor

Parental dancing

Roelle dancing it up


Looking sleepy

Proud parents

Heading out

Lounging in the kitchen

Back on the dance floor

Nice moves

She can't stop

The knot slowly migrates down

Guard dog


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