Home - 2006 - Christmas in Wisconsin

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Gathered 'round the Wii

Back row viewing

Careful flicking

The eerie glow


Pocket surgery

Trying to disassemble the rail

Not making much progress

Still no luck

Let the carnage begin

Ties and short sleeve shirts, a winning combination

Rapid fire unwrapping

The year of the spork

Tie, plus earring

Done with the presents, on to the stockings

Some sort of Dr. Who character. It was quite angry

Starting the keychain game excitement

Waiting to see what they draw

Making up the rules as we go along

Buried in holiday spirit

Presents, round #2

Connect Four, the pinnacle of the keychain games

Great scientists as fingerpuppets


Putting on a puppet show

Folding up some dinnerware


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