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Teddy and Sarah

Sarah attacks

Dance party in the kitchen

Shoe inspection

Watching the hammock shenanigans

Mystery hammock occupant

Not ready for company

Handing off the loot


Attention for Zoe

Peace book

Handmade placemats

Mexican mug

Really smart socks

Properly preparing the surface

Ninja cookie cutter

Surprised Sarah

This year's installment

Very early in the unwrapping process

Photo paper, explained

Rapid unwrapping

Helmets on for safety

Total chaos

Walking at Torrey Pines

Waiting for the next wave

Sarah and Teddy

The 2012 vintage

Christmas picnic

Hopping along the rocks at La Jolla Cove

Riding the laundry sleigh

Teaching the essential skills

Checking out the view at Cabrillo

Testing the Chrismas Eve lasagne

Juniper strikes

Travel bath kit

Food processor

Ear lick

Tooth inspection

Quick geography checkup

Filling in the gaps

It's harder looking into the sun


Avoiding the smoke

Fashionable headwear completes the look

Sarah, next to the birthday girl

Sarah and Teddy

Sarah explains

Playing shy

Momentarily without the little one

Cookie time

Frosting and eating

Holding back the beasts

Unaware of the newfound weaponry

Happy with his little treasure

Mom's excited about it too

Parental gazes

Send in the adults

Lots of presents

Explaining all the gifts

Elmo's Potty Time!

Loading up the loot

Chef Emory

Enough cooking, time to clean up

Parents in the back


Gathering the robot parts

Glue sticks at the ready

Time for another lap

Worn out from just watching

Watching Emory watch Footloose

Intense concentration

Simply shocking


Stand back and let the pro do his work

Mamma cat

Just a little soothing

Varied reactions to the dancing

Sarah's had enough

Break time

Still burdened with the backpack

Uncooperative camera

Into the garden

A triumphant return

Yet another dessert

Post-ceremony conversation

Sitting at the table

Hidden behind all the table accessories

United with our traveling buddies

Prepped for hiking with packs

Settling in for the ride

Happy hikers

Very freshly engaged!

The ring

Taking the shortcut to Miyagino

Waking up on the futon

Rousing the slumberers

Sleepy but hungry

Checking out the view

Tea, coffee, and sweets

Puffer fish restaurant


A little windy

It's a short string

Reviewing the trip's photos

Prepping for navigation duties

Momentary respite from the boy

High speed pursuit

Containing the damage

Assisted jailbreak

The Chicken Run contingent

Something good just happened

Gift watchers

Done in the water

Bundled up

Baby's first photoshoot

Two little ones, one more fiesty than the other

Emory loves the camera

In the shade outside

Hoisting the kid

Scampering up the tree

In the backyard

In the backyard

Roelle shelters the baby from the wild ones

Time for high-fives

In the rose garden

Under the arch

Stick vs sticky weed

Starting to wipe out

Rolling around, full of pumpkin glee

Fashionable headwear

Lining up for pictures

Glowing ring

Sarah, Teddy, and Emory arrive

The spectators are losing interest

Getting the sweatpants ready

Definitely sleepy

In goes the thumb

Kevin returns from the car, causing a commotion

New mittens for Emory

Listening to the lark

Sock monkey pajama boy

Lurching for the glass

Ready for more presents

Fierce tetherballing

Winding up

Watching Emory's antics

Emory and Sarah

Fetch time for Zoe

Juni gets some attention

Sheltered from the drizzle

Finding the perfect piece

At dinner in Ballard

Buried alive

Abandoning the game

Relaxing back at the house

Enjoying the Wii-induced down time

On the wet ground

Emory ready for some spoon mischief

Oven mitt attack

Late minute prep

Scoping out apartments

Cozy on the couch

Sneaking behind Mom


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