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Photographer: Various

Emory, ready for more presents

Chew toy

New shoes

Emory rips into the paper

Emory grows tired of the presents

Monkey shirt

Let the games begin

Hot serving action

Watching Emory at work

Total chaos

Juniper strikes

Doggie stockings

Energizing products

Food processor

Assembling the marble madness

Zoe tries to escape the excitement

Looking a little dazed

Pensive Kevin

Parental gazes

... and his ear

Kevin tends to the grill

Gathering the robot parts

Unloading the passenger

Loaded back up for the hike back

Pacifying the toothing beast

Clearing the table

Sipping something else

The knot slowly migrates down

Time for a little Mario Kart

Picnic grounds

Plucked, mid-stride

More shenanigans

Passing it back

I don't think that's water

A more leisurely approach

Baby's first photoshoot

Happy family

Two little ones, one more fiesty than the other

Emory loves the camera

In the shade outside

Hoisting the kid

Scampering up the tree

In the backyard

In the backyard

Kevin returns from the car, causing a commotion

Wrestling for the honor of opening

Back to the unwrapping

New hiking book for Kevin, a temporary spot on the couch for Juniper

No more wine for Emory

Cozy on the couch

Sneaking behind Mom

Delicious thumb

Keeping an eye on the little one


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