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Photographer: Various

Leisure suited Emory

Gathered around Emory playing video games

A gentle pull on the ear

Emory, all decked out with piano tie

Fleeing from Zoe

Dance party in the kitchen

Helping to open

Chewing on the doll

A little unsure about this whole babysitting thing

Lacrosse/polo hybrid

Sleepy, but unwilling to sleep

Time for some teething

Trash inspector at work

Top of the food chain

Lapping up the water

Up close with a rockfish

Boy in the bubble

Close examination

Emory, ready for more presents

Chew toy

New shoes

Emory rips into the paper

Emory grows tired of the presents

Monkey shirt

Emory, kale connoisseur

Savoring every bite

Or just stuffing it in

Pensive in the dirt

Happy in the hammock

A short-lived nap

Gazing out

Ready for a mighty toss

Guacamole everywhere

Time for the jamming

Pounding away

Emory helps unwrap

Japanese beer

And truffle oil

Emory inspects the scandalous gift

Gift card, already filed away by Emory

Attack #2


Emory gets down to business

Handing off the loot

Pop up book

Forced smile

Properly preparing the surface

Ninja cookie cutter

Baseball mitt

Very early in the unwrapping process

Tearing with gusto

Photo paper, explained

Star Wars apron

Mr Freeze compartment

Here comes the BatCave

Dropping the lunch box

Exploring the BatCave

Total chaos

Applying the frosting

Carefully measuring

Nibbling on noodles

Walking at Torrey Pines

Rearranging the sand

Teddy and Emory charged ahead

Full speed ahead

Farewell, jeans!

So long, shirt!


Waiting for the next wave

Leaf necklace at Western Hills park

Lots of green frosting

Beginning the day with one Penguin

Penguin number two, Marshmallow

Christmas picnic

Punching bag practice

Team effort

Cranking the lasagne noodles

Showing Marshmallow the ocean

The seaweed monster attacks, with glee

Hopping along the rocks at La Jolla Cove

James and Emory unwrapping

Cranking out a peacock penny

Riding the laundry sleigh

Pausing to pet the dog-dog

Reviewing the ride

Ready to spatula

Cleaning off the cookie residue

Teaching the essential skills

Smashing the dough

Time to make the frosting

Emory kicks off the unwrapping

Excitement over a shirt? What's happened to this boy?

The little prince

Checking out the view at Cabrillo

Walking out

Waiting ever so patiently

Attempting to communicate

Balancing act

Holding on for dear life

Posing with a mini Darth Vader

Getting some riders very wet

Cruising the streets

Leading the pack

Speed Racer delight

Juniper strikes

Snowboarder pajamas

Mini dino

Ready for the first marble

Boy in a box

Time for the meds

Nicely basted

Ready to help

Ready to light up

Tree topper

Pleased with the progress

Careful with the glass ones

Putting the stockings to good use

Tree inspector

Zoe eyes the popsicle


Emory posing with Allen, briefly

Playing shy

Time for ice cream

Emory in his little sweater

Egg inspector

Enjoying some exotic meats

Fresh zebra

More egg inspection

A swig of white wine vinegar, anyone?

About to raid the pantry

Cookie time

Ready to roll

Frosting and eating

Egg seeker

You must move quickly to catch the eggs

In it goes

Time to rotate to the next color

Back into the dye

Easter hands

Speak softly and carry a big stick

Happy with his little treasure

Looking a little grumpy

Musical gift

Mom's excited about it too


Happy with the instrument

Birthday lemon squares with tealight

Taking a few laps on the tractor

Crowded sandbox

Bubble time

Blowing out the candles

The birthday boys

Casual shrug

Emory takes the first swing

A quick hug to reassure the beast

Stabilizing the target

Putting the candy back where it belongs

Lots of presents

Fuzzy friend

Elmo's Potty Time!

Emory identifies his eye...

... and his nose...

... and his ear

Chef Emory

Enough cooking, time to clean up

Pre-party deliberations

On the run

Full contact golfing

Deciding what to do next

Not quite enough lung power yet


Peeling the hotdog

Blowing out the candles

Fully extinguished

Tasty yet waxy

Diving in

Licking off the frosting

Jealous of everyone else's dessert

Present time

So cool

Blocked by ribbons

Pausing momentarily to read the card

Reading and furiously unwrapping

Sports gear

Inspecting the new vehicle

The unwrapping continues

New bike bell

And new bike

Test driving

Taking the first swing

A few more blows

Emory takes another turn


Approaching maximum capacity

Too full

Glue sticks at the ready

Applying the space-age adhesives


Chicken dance

Hoisting the beast

Sizing up the enemy

Swinging away

The blindfold isn't quite blinding

Wisely swapping out the wood for a lightsaber

Unthinkable carnage

Hanging by a thread

Spilling its guts


Present time

Star Wars shirt

Now for dessert

Scooting in on all fours

Making a break for it

Look of determination

Getting closer...

Almost there...

Time for another lap

Nope, that's the end of it

Studying the moves

Starting to boogie

Eager anticipation

Switching to more advanced maneuvers

Side-to-side action

Shake shake shake

Applause, please

Getting wild

Doing the splits

Using the table for support

Furiously signing "more, more, more"

Zoe gets into the action

Worn out from just watching

A closeup of the little dancer

Now, time for a cuddle

Time for Footloose again

Dancing time

The sporting begins

Double aerobie

Eluding the defenders


Cruising by

Taking off

Taking refuge behind the chair

Attacking my legs

Put down that camera and pick me up now!

Nope, that wasn't what I wanted

Ready for a mighty toss

Jailbreak attempt

Stand back and let the pro do his work

A little scissor shy

Making it all look great

Treat time

Questionable technique

Trying to swallow the cone whole

A little too big

Resorting to snorting

Emory loves ice cream

Little tiger with a dirty face

Mamma cat

Not-so-happy tiger

Just a little soothing

Showdown of the beasts

Bear headbutting tiger

Flipping the bread

Let the dancing begin

Mystifying ice cube

Varied reactions to the dancing

Unloading the passenger

Loaded back up for the hike back

"I'm getting impatient", "Me too"

Emory and his Gammi

Ready to eat

Yet another dessert

Out of the basket

Back in again

Dancing in the basket

More dancing, out of the basket

By the pool with Emory

Pacifying the toothing beast

Emory in his finery

Dancing baby

United with our traveling buddies

Emory shows off his yen

A little PSP to pass the time

Settling in for the ride

Catching the snow falling from the trees

Emory's ready to move on

Taking the shortcut to Miyagino

Our room at the onsen

Waking up on the futon

Rousing the slumberers

Traditional Japanese breakfast

Qoo, from our friends at Minute Maid

Tea, coffee, and sweets

Waiting for the next train in the return journey

Frisbee in the train station

Slogging through the push medal game

Choosing a fortune

Examining the fortune

Ninja training with shuriken target practice

Rice cookie

Octopus latern

Losing interest in Japanese pop music

The reemergence of the pocket peacock dance


Flying the Red Dragon

In search of Pokemon

Reviewing the trip's photos

Running through the fields

Plucked, mid-stride

More shenanigans

Ready for more action

Emory shows off his soccer moves

Another powerful kick

Surly and sleepy

Barbarians at the gate

Horseplay on the couch

Frisbee participant #1

Knee-deep in salad

Lounging on the shore

A quick sniff test

Body surfing

Ready to play some hoops

Double dunk

Momentary bashfulness

Sweet victory

Eating with gusto

Have to move quickly before it drips

Alternating between the spoon and the hand

Containing the damage

Assisted jailbreak

The Chicken Run contingent

Checking out the construction techniques

Not sure if he's ready

It's not so bad

A little cross-eyed

Water torture

Bundled up

Hooded blankets: what a time to be alive

Done with the ordeal

Baby's first photoshoot

Happy family

Two little ones, one more fiesty than the other

Emory loves the camera

In the shade outside

Hoisting the kid

Scampering up the tree

In the backyard

In the backyard

Roelle shelters the baby from the wild ones

Holding my little nephew

Holding my little nephew

Emory watches an angry train

An anti-social Emory

Picking up the snail

Playing with his new friend


Poking the frogs

Time for high-fives


Cooking at its finest

Ready for a taste

Not sure about the flavor

Covering up for modesty

Nothing but hair left

Fresh currants

Must... savor...


Traversing the web

Teetering alone

Stylish boots

Sliding around the corner

High-fives for the tiles

Hanging from the tire

A little boost

Flying high

Another push

Stopping to smell the roses

In the rose garden

Under the arch

Flying up the steps

Chowing down

Eating some ribs

Stick vs sticky weed

Chasing down a goat

In with the baby cow

Choosing a gourd

Starting to wipe out

Rolling around, full of pumpkin glee

Fashionable headwear

Fashionable headwear

Sarah, Teddy, and Emory arrive

Off to save the world

Zoe, briefly submissive

Mini mohawk

Mohawk in profile

Playing with a lid

Fashionable flannel completes this spring's babywear


Trying to prove that both ends can be a choking hazard

Using the wrong side of the spoon

Standing up in the sink

Sprinkle sprinkle

Swingin' around on the faucet

Delicious chew toy

Can't get enough of that muffin liner

Chomping on Lisa's finger with his vampire teeth

Starting to get sleepy

Getting the sweatpants ready

Definitely sleepy

In goes the thumb

Munching on the first present

Plotting which ornaments to strip from the tree

Kevin returns from the car, causing a commotion

New mittens for Emory

Running wild with the reindeer

Gingerly removing the tissue paper

Little drummer boy

Smells like rawhide

Retreating from the gift opening momentarily

Listening to the lark

The dog and lark, kissing

Sock monkey pajama boy

Lurching for the glass

Temporary tantrum

Chomping on the water glass

Sipping on a (root) beer

Winding up

Happy to be back on the court

Between the legs


Emory and Sarah

Emory tends to the water needs

Let me tell you something...

Rounding the corner

Emory 'splains the rules

High roller

The thrill of victory

Sheltered from the drizzle

Constructing his vehicle

Emory at the plate

On base after being hit by a pitch

In scoring position

Playing first

Prepping for the next at-bat

At dinner in Ballard

Ready for the birthday party to start

Boden and Emory playing pinball

The gift extravaganza begins

Handing off the venus fly trap

Pure ecstasy

Batman umbrella!

Pounding away

A quick bit of pouting

Avoiding the giant bubble

Fleeing the breakaway

Really wanting to pop the bubble

Attempting to put the boy in the bubble

Buried alive

Just chillin'

Jumping back in

Basketball time


Bouncing back, slowly

Abandoning the game

A very brief session of wall-ball

Master chef at work

Readying for the next scoop

Complete and total concentration


Chef's helmet

A very happy bather

Under the waterfall

Examining the tea ball

Examining the tea ball

On the wet ground

Longing for some turkey

Hand in hand

Emory ready for some spoon mischief

Oven mitt attack

Late minute prep

Kitchen party time

Chomping on the gate

Clawing like crazy

Caught in the wheel well

Broken free

Stretching to grab Zoe

We all want control

Stripped of the remote, Emory ventures to the stereo itself

No more wine for Emory

Cozy on the couch

Sneaking behind Mom

Delicious thumb

Keeping an eye on the little one


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