Home - 2006 - Visiting newborn Emory

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Juniper, up on the couch, where Zoe dreams of being

Trying to escape

Gift watchers

Not sure if he's ready

It's not so bad

A little cross-eyed

Water torture

Done in the water

Bundled up

Hooded blankets: what a time to be alive

Done with the ordeal

Time for cake

Baby's first photoshoot

Happy family

Two little ones, one more fiesty than the other

Emory loves the camera

In the shade outside

Hoisting the kid

Scampering up the tree

In the backyard

In the backyard

Juniper causing trouble

Working it for the camera

Newly engaged couple

Mortified parent

Roelle shelters the baby from the wild ones

Telling tales of childhood antics

Holding my little nephew

Holding my little nephew

Dinner at Cowboy Ciao


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