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Photographer: Various

First round of opening

Time for another round

Checking out the bracelet

Trying to decipher the card

Opening the dog portraits

Water landscaping

That's all the roses

Here comes the bride

Just before the handoff

Background information

The ceremony

The bride

Funny stuff

Pouring the sand

First official kiss

First official kiss

Sam looks happy to be married


Sipping by candlelight

The happy couple

Time to cut the cake

Exciting slicing action

Pulling out the slice

Easy does it

Grabbing a forkful

Here comes the airplane

A little too easy...

Nose decorations

Cleaning up

Sweet revenge

Another cleanup

Still a bride, no longer in the dress

James finds out it's time to change

Pre-dance kissing

They can dance close now

Down for a dip...

and a kiss

Newly engaged couple

Lining up for pictures

At the picnic table

Our gracious hosts

James and Sam on the beach

Sam and James

Wandering the botanical gardens

James and Sam at the fountain

(Spr)Eckels Organ Pavilion

Snapping away

Issuing directives

More dancers

Look out

Sam and James

Sam and James

Taping everything in its place

Queueing up

Sam and James, pre-ceremony

Samantha and Roelle

Strutting around

Can't stop dancing


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